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How can Union Learning Rep's make a difference?

  • Do you like learning new things?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Do people often ask you for advice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might consider becoming a Union Learning Rep. (ULR)

Learning is a core issue for Trade Unions as well as representation and negotiation. ULR's have a big role to play at the heart of UNISON's work.

UNISON is committed to building capacity for learning, by the promotion and implementation of lifelong learning opportunities, along with the determination to maximise the guidance opportunities for our member's which is creditable.

As a ULR you will have rights to paid time off to carry out your duties, similar to those of Health and Safety rep's and Stewards, and to training for such duties.

Benefits for employers and members include:

Training pays-: the higher the qualifications people have, the better opportunity they have to improve pay levels.

Training builds equality-: getting workers better access to training bridges the divide between the skills rich and the skills poor.

Training builds union membership-: offering help to access learning and qualifications, will attract new members, and hold on to existing ones.

Training can lead to higher self esteem:- Raising the proportion of workers trained, can increase the value added per worker, the better qualified a worker is, the less vulnerable they are to unemployment.

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