What the government isn’t telling you

The real reality of the pension’s crisis:

While the Coalition Government, along with right wing sections of the national press, seeks to demonise the public sector over pensions, they are less than honest with the public on where the real problems lie.


Harrow UNISON wins Meals on Wheels Campaign

Members will be delighted to hear that the Branch campaign (‘DISH UP A FAIR DEAL FOR HARROW MEALS ON WHEELS’) against the proposed unfair and hyper-inflationary Meals on Wheels (MoW) price increases resulted in the Labour Council seeing sense and dropping the insensitive price rise options. 

The MoW price increases were being considered as part of the Adult Services Consultation in which the Council proposed to cut the Meals Service subsidy to zero by hiking meal prices to the Borough’s most vulnerable and elderly residents.


A Question of Accountability

Today many of our largest public authorities have become so complacent, unaccountable and bureaucratic that a ‘less than satisfactory performance’ seems to be the order of the day.

Outwardly they tick all the governance boxes, but the reality is that their managements barely answer to anybody. Duly elected members of these ‘officers led authorities’ often have their own political agendas and in the main do not have the knowledge, ability or confidence to challenge decisions made by the senior officers that they employ. Often the perceived kudos of being a councillor and the often over generous expenses they receive for the role is deemed as sufficient raison d’ etre.


Bullying and Harassment

The Council expects employees to maintain good relationship with colleagues and members of the public and is committed to the belief that every employee has the right to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect at work, without fear of discrimination, bullying or harassment.

This is what the first paragraph of the DIGNITY AT WORK POLICY statement says.

The Council encourages anyone who considers that they have been the subject of any unfair or unjustified treatment to bring this to the notice of the management.


Unison’s Branch Secretary Returns Create Award

Members of Harrow Unison LG today 19th September 2011, the Branch Secretary of this Union handed back his CREATE award for customer services. He feels that this an appropriate measure to take, having taken on aboard a number of concerns raised by individual members.


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