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The changing face of Publuc Realm - Part 2

Last year we wrote an article for our website regarding the ever increasing numbers of staff reduction figures quoted by management at formal consultation meetings with the unions.

After lively discussions between unions and management the final figures consulted on were clear in the Streets & Grounds Full Business Case approved by Cabinet in October 2010 and Unison believed management would abide by this document, how wrong we were.

Staff deployment sheets recently issued show that a further 12 staff have mysteriously disappeared from the structure. Now I know that we have all had holidays and a few nights sleep since Cabinet approved this restructure but I for one have not attended or have been aware of any meetings to date that have had further staff reductions on the agenda. I am also unaware of any surge in incidents of alien abduction in the Harrow area in the last few months. To loose this amount of staff without noticing is not just carelessness it is completely irresponsible.

Unison has posed the question of these missing staff to the PRS Head of Service and raised the issue at the Directorate Joint Committee meeting last week. We will also consider looking into the possibility of a Bermuda Triangle type phenomenon forming around the Central Depot area re these unexplained disappearances if a reasonable explanation is not forthcoming from management. Whatever the reason turns out to be Unison will be requesting that management fill these vacant positions as soon as possible so that they comply with the restructure document they presented to Cabinet.

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