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Harrow Unison AGM 19th March 2014 12:30-13:30 Council Chambers



Date 28th January 2014 

Dear Fellow Members, 


Re: Branch Officers Posts 2014 

The following Branch Officer Posts are now for Annual Election, if you are interested in any of the Officer posts or would like to be a Departmental Rep then please contact the UNISON office on 0208 424 1795. The nominations begin on Thursday 30th January 2014 and close at 4.00pm on 19th February 2014.




All nomination forms to be collected in person from the UNISON office  



Branch Officer Positions 2014: Roles and Responsibilities 


Branch Position


Branch Secretary

Run and organise the branch day to day, negotiate/represent the interests of the union strategically across the Council and the union, liaise with Regional Officers, provide advice/guidance to officers/rep’s, responsible for branch employees, and coordinates overall branch activity through the annual Branch Development Plan.  

Assistant Branch Secretary

Support the Branch Secretary/officers, deputise for the Branch Secretary, represent members and the interests of the branch regionally, liaise and consult with the employer, attend meetings across the Council, conduct research, support convenors/rep’s and workplace contacts.

Departmental/Section Convenor

Lead & coordinate reps at the department/section level, Support Rep’s and encourage work place representative, represent members, negotiate with the Council, support stewards & members. 

Branch Chair

Preside all meetings, agree agendas with Branch Secretary, interpret meeting rules/procedures, ensure rules and functions of the branch are followed, support officers in leadership of the branch.

Vice Chair

Carry out Branch Chair’s roles in his/her absence and support officer’s in leadership of the branch.

Health & Safety Officer

Advise & support reps, Increase H&S awareness across the membership and among H&S rep’s, attend H&S workplace committees, coordinate meetings with H&S rep’s, negotiate/comment on all H&S matters with the Council, conduct workplace inspections/visits, maintain contact with regional H&S forums.

Assistant Health & Safety Officer

Carry out and support the H&S Officer in all of the above functions, and generally support members/reps across the Council.

Equalities Officer

Main contact for branch equality issues, forward the equalities dimension across the branch and the Council, encourage meetings across the membership, coordinate all equality activities, promote training and development from under-represented groups, liaise with Region on equality issues/matters, attend council equality meetings and scrutinise Equality Impact Assessments.

Communications Officer

Communicate branch news/activity/information with the membership, produce the ‘Network’, news-sheet/bulletins, contribute to the new website, monitor local media, recruit members through communication, and treat communication as essential in everything we do.

Branch Treasurer

Conduct the branch’s financial business, maintain accounts in accordance with rules, provide reports, advise branch officers in respect of financial matters/expenditure, provide an audited annual return of branch income.

Education/Training Officer

Maintain Harrow UNISON Training accredited status, publicise the range of training opportunities available to members, enable rep’s to become fully trained, assist Learning rep’s, establish an annual training plan with budget to meet costs, maintain records, ensure reps know there rights when asking for time off for training.

Welfare Officer

Provide information about Welfare issues to members and all branch officer’s, provide Welfare advice, liaise with Region, undertake training, develop and implement local welfare activity, develop links with charities e.g. Citizens Advice and women’s refuges.

Youth Officer

To recruit young members to become active in the branch, raise awareness of important young issues across the branch/Council, receive and distribute information to young members, build a young members wing of the branch (must be under 27 years of age for term of office).

Social Secretary

Organise social functions/occasions/outings for the membership and advertise social branch activities, support the wider branch officers and its employees as well as encourage social interaction.

Affiliated Political Officer (Labour Link Officer)

Accountable to the Labour Link section of the branch (must be a member of the Labour Party), explain and develop the role, liaise with Region Labour Link, circulate information to Labour Link members in branch, attend meetings at Regional level, strengthen affiliation link with local Constituency Labour Party’s, build campaigning work around key issues and co-ordinate campaigns with the Labour Party across the UK.



If you would like to become involved in UNISON in other ways then please contact the branch and enquire about becoming a Workplace Steward, a Health & Safety Representative, Workplace Contact or Learning Representative.  


Harrow Branch Executive Committee






Contact Us:

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Telephone: 020 8424 1795

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