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Health and Safety Report Harrow Unison

We have had a disappointing couple of years with Senior Managers not taking health and safety seriously. We have had to redouble our efforts to encourage senior managers to even comply with Health and Safety legislation.

Health and Safety Meetings

Community and Environment have finally agreed to hold health and safety meetings. We have had two meetings and the first the Corporate Director appeared on his own unsupported by his managers. At the second meeting the Divisional Director appeared with only two managers who should be congratulated as the others could not be bothered to attend. We had told the Corporate Director that managers would not be prepared to sit through other department’s issues. Of course he took no notice but now has to explain how his meetings are viable without managerial support. On the bright side they have climbed down from their previously insistence on six monthly meetings and now hold 3 monthly meetings like the rest of the Council.

We are insisting that the locations of meetings are not changed at the last moment so that when we get to the new site they have all gone. We take a jaundiced view as on different occasions this has happened to me and other Union Officers. In the past some managers from Directorates stopped turning up for HS meetings and we would turn up to find the meeting cancelled. Some Departments have held so called health and safety meetings that we had not been invited to and were not constituted according to Health and Safety Commission guidelines.

New Policy Proposals

New policy proposals are not always effectively scrutinised by Departments or Directors and they cannot have therefore worked out the cost implications. We are not prepared to give approval to policy documents that are not costed and that Directors are not able to commit to or implement for lack of resources.

Health and Safety Department

After previous problems some Health and Safety Department senior personnel left for greener pastures and have been replaced by agency professionals. These seem to be more proactive and are tackling the reform of Council policy but they seem unable to reign in the sheer reluctance of some Directors to engage in proper partnership on health and safety matters with the union. Like the reluctant donkey some Directors and managers need prodding with a sharp stick before there is any sign of movement.

The new safety seminars are being held for Heads and School Staff with HS responsibilities. This is a vast improvement but has been a rude awakening for some Heads that did not realise they have so much responsibility.

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