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HUT training courses represent excellent Value for money in that they are delivered by an experienced and qualified trainer(s) often utilising PowerPoint presentations from externally accredited organisations such as The Royal Society for Public Health etc.Course materials are obtained from a wide variety of sources including HSE, Unison, TUC and Highfield publications. Often courses are provided FOC to Unison activists, but where there is a cost to the branch a minimal charge is made to cover that cost on a non profit making basis. All courses are undertaken on a half day basis with the exception of externally accredited courses. Where more detailed information is required courses can be adapted to run over a full day.
For further information or a course application form contact Ken McDonald or Varsha Patel at Harrow Unison. Tel. 020 8424 1795. Fax 020 8424 1835
Or preferably by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training - Environmental Awareness

The Environment is of concern to us all. This Environmental Awareness module is suitable for anyone looking to update his or her knowledge on current environmental concerns.

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Training - Lone Working

dealing with aggression, conflict management and breakaway techniques

The hazards faced by lone workers can be made significantly more high risk, if effective training has not been provided. Whether it’s dealing with aggressive members of the public or contractors, lone working places any

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Training - Stress in the workplace

Stress at Work is defined by the Health and Safety Executive as The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them. Dealing with stress at work can be difficult and confusing,

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Training - Office Health and Safety

At first glance the office environment may appear to be the safest environment in which to work. However Health and Safety statistics have highlighted that many unnecessary and avoidable accidents occur in offices every day, perhaps due to people’s lack of awareness of basic safety principles.

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Training - PPE

The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations place a number of essential requirements on employers, not least to provide suitable PPE when the risk cannot be avoided by other means.

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