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Training - Writing reports and letters

The prospect of writing a report or letter to an official body can be daunting if a person is not familiar with the protocols for written correspondence or if they have not had the opportunity to fully develop their skills in this area.

Workplace representatives are sometimes required to bring issues to the attention of management in writing in order that a written record is maintained. Equally in private life it is often necessary to deal with insurance claims, utility bills, banking issues or occasions where it is necessary to write to an employer about a personal issue. This course is designed to give candidates essential tips and guidance for effective written communication.

Learning outcomes

Candidates will be able to prepare letters and reports effectively in a style with which they are comfortable.

Candidates will be able to write in a style suitable for the target recipient.

Writing reports and letters course content

• Informal letters

• Formal letters

• Filling in forms

• Memos and emails

• Report writing

• Effective communication in writing

• Dealing with claims and litigation

• Practical examples and exercises



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