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Training - Home Worker Training

With remote and home working clearly on the agenda this course has been developed for staff that works within their own home environment. The module specifically tackles the issues required on the potential risks associated with working in the home.

Remember if someone is working in their own home then the employer will have certain responsibilities for their health, safety and welfare.

The Harrow Unison home worker course will provide candidates with the up to date knowledge on potential issues and hazards faced by home workers and current legislation, reducing potential for injury.

Learning outcomes

To ensure the safety of employees who work at home the course has been designed to achieve the following objectives:-

• To provide awareness about the different types of hazards that could be encountered while working at home.

• To understand potential strategies to reduce the risk of accidents or injury to yourself or others

• Understanding the Law regarding home workers

Home Worker Training course content

• Introduction

• The Working Environment

• Equipment in the Home

• Home Safety

• Mothers and Children



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