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Training - Fire Safety and Fire Evacuation

the management of fire safety falls to the responsible person (e.g. an employer, a manager, a landlord or tenant, a charity or voluntary organisation). Under the Order the responsible person must ensure that a ‘suitable and sufficient’ fire risk assessment for each of their premises has been carried out by a competent person. For low risk premises, many companies will be able to train an individual to take on the role of competent person from within their own organisation. This course is designed to help meet the training needs of such persons.

Learning outcomes

This course will help you as an employee/employer to understand your responsibilities for fire safety, and put in place measures to control the risks of fire. Candidates will have an awareness of the processes involved in drawing up a fire risk assessment together with the requirements of the FRRO 2005.

Fire Risk Assessment course content

• Principles of fire safety

• What fire is and how it spreads

• Preventing fires occurring

• Controlling the effects if they start

• Means of extinguishing fires

• Means of raising the alarm

• Emergency procedures and means of escape

• Identifying the fire hazard

• Evaluating the fire risks

• Recording the fire risk assessment

• Reviewing the fire risk assessment

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