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Sadly these words have no reflection to the reality of the situation and abuse of these procedures stills occurs on quite a large scale. UNISON has since issued a report to ECF (Employees Consultative Forum) to try and persuade both elected parties to ensure that these rogue senior employees are held fully accountable for their non-compliance.

It seems evident that those custodians responsible for adherence to our employment practices would rather adopt antediluvian methods which fail to comply with current and enforceable UK employment legislation.

As incumbent Branch Secretary I will be rigorously defending our member’s rights to be treated in full accordance with these procedures. I also wonder whether the employer or senior employees of this Council would be so acceptable for these clear breaches if they found themselves in a situation where upon the use of procedures was needed to receive fair and impartial treatment in any process brought against them by the employer.

But again this requirement for those at a senior level to be treated in accordance with the councils employment procedures is somewhat farcical, as to date any issue relating to either a failure of service provision or more mundane day to day issues, are usually not instigated against what we now believe is nothing more than protectionism for those at a higher level of the council. ‘One Harrow’ we are not.

UNISON will continue to use every forum internal or external at our disposal to remove the obstacles that still exist in 21st century employment practices.


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