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UNISON has informed Harrow Council that the two ill-considered price rise options will disproportionately hit Harrow’s oldest and most vulnerable pensioners leaving the poorest members of the community to shoulder this heavy financial burden. It may also lead to the closure of this important service which safeguards and assists the Council to enable residents to live in their own homes safely.

For pensioners most dependent on MoW, this could mean annual increases of between £611.52 up to an eye-watering £2271.36 per annum. The proposals will also hit ethnically diverse users of Harrow’s cultural and religious based meals, as prices more than double, negatively impacting upon those from Asian and Jewish backgrounds.

In response to this shameful situation, we have launched our campaign entitled ‘DISH UP A FAIR DEAL FOR HARROW MEALS ON WHEELS’ which aims to speak out against the removal in Council subsidy and outline the devastating impact this will have on our residents, the majority of which are pensionable service users. For instance, branch analysis has confirmed that;

Option 1 proposes to set the same rate for a hot and frozen meal at £6.47. This increases the cost of a hot meal by 39% which equates to an annual increase of £611.52. A frozen meal will rise by 116% equating to a yearly increase of £1165.92.

Option 2 proposes extortionate and discriminatory rises against users of Asian and Jewish meals. For example, a hot kosher meal will increase by a 119% to £10.19. A frozen kosher meal rises by 225% which equates to an annual rise of £2271.36. An Asian meal will rise by 71% (from £4.65 to £7.95) or an annual increase of £1108.80.

We have flagged up the negative consequences of these proposals and have outlined a sustainable alternative but the Council will not remove them from consultation and it intends to make its final decision in the October 2011 session of Cabinet.

We need your support to lobby the Council so that they know how unfair and outrageous the charges are. The Council is inviting responses to its Adult services Consultation which ends on the 12th August 2011.

You can support the campaign by downloading this template response, complete your name and address, sign and send Freepost to the address provided. You can continue to register your disgust with the Council after the 12th August by using the template to keep the pressure up. Please advertise this campaign by telling your work colleagues, friends, family the press etc, etc.


To download the Campaign Letter Template Letter click here >>

To download Press Release click here >>

You can also email your letter to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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