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The ‘Hubs’ aim to replace nearly all directorate based administrative, clerical and support services/teams by introducing a more ‘professionalised’, yet standardised, one-size-fits all service for staff and the Authority. However, the reality is that approximately 135 individuals will be impacted by the changes which could have a disproportionate and discriminatory impact on 84% of female staff, not to mention the impact felt by part time employees and those on lower pay grades.  

 In a meeting last month, members in Adults & Housing gave UNISON representatives a clear message that no attack or variances to their contracts of employment in the form of salary reductions would be tolerated especially when new Hub management positions are being created and the threat of redundancy looms ever large around the corner. 

As Business Support management have paid lip service to the concept of meaningful engagement with representatives to date, UNISON, with the support of tenacious and hard working members in Adults & Housing, have canvassed and gathered huge support in the raising of a Collective Dispute. Over 50% of those in scope have signed the Dispute signalling their unhappiness at being sold something which seeks to destroy their terms and conditions via the back door. 

Harrow UNISON formally lodged the Collective Dispute earlier this week, identifying to management and the Labour Council the huge numbers in support. As with previous registered disputes, we expect the Council to honour a status quo position until resolution can be sought. We have requested to be informed who the independent appointed Chair person will be and at what Departmental Joint Committee this issue will be tabled at. We await this information and will keep members updated through postings as and when events unfurl on our website. 

Finally, we would like to thank each and every member and employee who took part in this Collective Dispute and of course our dedicated members in Adults & Housing. 

Harrow UNISON LG Branch

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When you have a meeting with your UNISON Rep, to save time you can download and fill in the Case form as much as possible and bring it with you to your reps meeting.



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