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This item has clearly been defined in the staff survey where staff have been requested to provide six out of eight options on what they believe to be more important. This type of lottery engagement has not been supported by Unison.

The consultation programme is about to commence on the 17thmarch 2011, this first consultation regarding our members terms and conditions is being attended by Unison Head of Local Government Ms Vicky Easton and Harrows Regional Officer John Noblemunn who have a vast amount of Knowledge and experience regarding the Green book which covers all local government employees.

Harrow Council senior officers should not be at all surprised that your branch commands so much support and respect from London region. This is solely due to the extensive amount of representation that the elected branch officers have covered over the previous three or so years.

Harrow Unison would also remind its members of the forthcoming AGM (annual general meeting) and how important it is to have exceptional attendance to show the employer that our members fully support their local Branch and new Branch officers. We hope to see you there.  

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When you have a meeting with your UNISON Rep, to save time you can download and fill in the Case form as much as possible and bring it with you to your reps meeting.



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