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These business case projects are only being challenged by one of the recognised trade unions of Harrow Council, namely that of your own union. It seems that Unison stands alone in its bid to protect both its members and other staff in respect of their continuing and future employment with this authority. 

This is an extremely disturbing situation especially when the position of Joint secretary now rests with our sister union the GMB. We have once again challenged the employer regarding their wish to destroy our member’s contractual policies, and provided them with yet another detailed proposal that ensures that our members receive the protection afforded by contractual status. This proposal was to be jointly signed by Unison and the GMB, but due to recent events where Unison has requested ACAS intervention the GMB have decided to opt out. We therefore have to question the ethos behind their reluctance to fully engage with Unison to provide a united front in ensuring that proper consultation occurs and challenging the employer to an open transparent and fair debate. 

This Union has in the distant past ( I must add, not in the time of the present incumbent branch administration) been criticised of being too cosy with management. This stigma has had no place in Unison for the past four to five years. Unison is a Union that represents its members to the best of their ability, providing challenge where challenge is needed. We will not be deterred, hoodwinked or bullied by the employer. This union will stand firm against the adversity to come. 

We therefore provide one message to all those reticent to stand up for employee rights. We will not be dissuaded from our goals, whether or not we receive the support from other unions. It would be beneficial to all workers within this council if the TU movement was united, but if sadly this is not to be the case, we will go it alone.

There is an old saying… “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Unison, unlike some other unions, will be tough where our member’s terms and conditions are compromised.


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When you have a meeting with your UNISON Rep, to save time you can download and fill in the Case form as much as possible and bring it with you to your reps meeting.



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