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UNISON has now provided a challenge to some of the most outrageous decisions by senior managers which fail to meet the requirements of their own employment practices. Some of these practices are a clear discrimination of employee’s rights which should be treated in accordance with the rules of engagement when becoming an employee of the London Borough of Harrow. Yes members, these rules are laid out in the employee’s handbook and are contractual obligations that have been overlooked or fail to be understood by Management responsible for implementation and adherence of these rules.

 These matters were brought to the attention of the senior body of the council, and dismissed as a mistake with the verbal statement “We Need to Move On”. I would wonder whether the same flippant and dismissive comment would be provided if their contractual rights were being abused or would they deem them as mistakes? We believe not!!!!!

 UNISON has had to endure ridiculous statements as described in the above paragraph, so it will be no surprise that the Branch Secretary of Harrow submitted a request to the Equality and Human Rights Commission for assistance or intervention.

 The Branch Secretary has made it evidently clear to his Elected Branch Officers, that in this period of financial uncertainty and probable staff reductions it is imperative we uphold the rights of our members to be treated fairly and in accordance with their contractual rights. This Branch will not tolerate any abuse of these procedures.

 Harrow Council should not welcome or support any staff member that arbitrarily removes the rights of others; the above request for intervention clearly identifies a level of support for these poor and unacceptable practices. Once we have addressed these matters a full report will be follow 

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When you have a meeting with your UNISON Rep, to save time you can download and fill in the Case form as much as possible and bring it with you to your reps meeting.



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